Complete electrical solutions

As well as all of our regular day to day electrical services the Connect Electrical Group also offer full defit and fit out electric services.

So, if you’re moving from one venue to another, doing major renovation work or decommissioning a building we can work with you to strip out any redundant power and lighting services

We can also remove the mains distribution and general power to the building socket outlets, ventilation equipment, water heaters, panel heaters, air curtain heaters and general building services, as well as all lighting and security systems.

We also offer high-quality electrical fit-outs for a range of industries and commercial sectors; including retail, office and industrial premises.

We will work with you to design and install a full electrical system covering everything from lighting and security systems and air conditioning to full socket and cable fittings.

Our excellent team of licensed electricians can also upgrade wiring and panels to help keep energy costs low and maintain safety.

Once the work is done we can also help you maintain your systems to the highest possible standard with periodical inspection tests and reporting.

Whatever your plans are, give us a call on 0401 628 477 so we can discuss all of your needs.

Over 15 Years Experience

We have over 15 years of experience in the domestic, commercial and industrial electrical industry!

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